Programme Archive

Date Speaker Title
15-Feb-2017 Mark Kennedy “The English and Romanian Adoptees Study; developmental trajectories and outcomes in young adulthood”
15-Mar-2017 Annie Pesskin “Neuroscience for Psychotherapists: Why it Matters and What you Need to Know”
26-Apr-2017 Mary Morgan “Why couple relationships are difficult but why we seem to need them”
17-May-2017 Anne Codd “Not Waving but Drowning”
21-Jun-2017 Joan Bristow “Living on the autistic spectrum”
20-Sep-2017 Margaret Rustin “Shame in childhood: Being ashamed of oneself, feeling shamed, and the burden of the shame of others”
18-Oct-2017 Simon Mackmin “High Functioning Autism and Technology”
15-Nov-2017 Joe Hinds “Taking therapy outside: An enriched environment?”
10-Feb-2016 Becky Saunders "Falling through space or flying with our own wings" The foundations of thought
16-Mar-2016 Dr. David Pearson The Journey from Child Adversity to Attachment Disorder - what every therapist should know
20-Apr-2016 Cindy Williams Reading Harry Potter with Psychoanalytic Eyes
18-May-2016 Anna Motz Understanding and working with violent dynamics in couples: the role of attachment trauma
15-Jun-2016 Valerie Sinson Attachment adaptations in dissociative identity disorder
21-Sep-2016 Kate Brown War – Psychoanalysis and the Unspeakable
19-Oct-2016 Dick Blackwell Trauma and Refugees
16-Nov-2016 Brett Khar The impact of Childhood Trauma on Adult Sexuality
21-Jan-2015 WPS committee Has the WPS had its day?
Followed by the AGM 9 - 9.30
11-Feb-2015 Becky Saunders Introduction to Attachment
18-Mar-2015 Cindy Williams Robertson Films
Young Children In Brief Separation
15-Apr-2015 Graham Music The Good Life:
Altruism, attachment and the effects of stress on wellbeing
20-May-2015 Joanna Tucker Developing The Capacity To Assess Parent-Infant Relationships
17-Jun-2015 David Winter Breakdown or Breakthrough
16-Sep-2015 Helen Gibson Strengthening Relationships Through Video Interaction Guidance
21-Oct-2015 Viviane Green Case study
18-Nov-2015 Martin McColl Uses and misuses of literature in understanding psychological processes
15-Jan-2014 WPS committee Challenges of working in Private Practice
Followed by the AGM 9 - 9.30
19-Mar-2014 Sue Smith MA PGCE Play therapy:
Being with the troubled child
21-May-2014 Jackie Charbit Middleton Siblings and Twins
18-Jun-2014 Jo Pearce Trans-itional Space:
Group Analytic thinking about Adolescent Gender Identity
17-Sep-2014 Isabel Clarke Mindfulness and the balancing act of being human
22-Oct-2014 Linda Bennett Creative Story work:
Stories that Transform
19-Nov-2014 Sarah Mackinnon and Penni Swinden Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Practice
16-Jan-2013 Rosemary Rizq ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
20-Mar-2013 Dr Carry Selley Trauma: Working with the "Knowns" and "Unknowns"
15-May-2013 Dr Mary Mitchell Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist: Eating Disorders
19-Jun-2013 Cindy Williams Psychoanalyst: Dreams
18-Sep-2013 Stella Joel "Differing perspectives and timescales - the power of art to transform the past and the present"
16-Oct-2013 Christopher Clulow ‘Attachment informed psychotherapy with couples’
20-Nov-2013 Dr Carlos Hoyos Film and Mental Health
2012 Workshops & Seminars  
February 16th
10.30 – 12.30
Ora Dresner Psychoanalyst. Psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Director of Camden Psychotherapy Unit. Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst.
Thinking about Infant Observation in relation to clinical practice
Cost £20
April 27th
10.30 – 12.00
Paul Williams Training and supervising analyst with The British Psychoanalytical Society and a member of the Royal Anthropological Institute. He was a consultant psychotherapist in the NHS retiring in 2010. From 2001-2007 he was Joint Editor-in-Chief, with Glen O. Gabbard, of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. He has published widely on the subject of severe disturbance. He lives and practises in Hampshire, UK.
Pathological Organisations and psychotic thinking
This is in place of an evening meeting and no booking required
Free to members. £10 non members
November 2nd
10.30 – 12.30
Christine Thornton Organisational Consultant and Group Analyst. Member of association for Professional Executive Coaches and Supervisors [APECS] and the British Association for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Supervision [BAPPS]
The Secret Life of Groups
Cost £20
18-Jan-2012 Beatrice Hook and Don Taylo Tango: the Psychodynamic Dance
15-Feb-2012 Liz Archer The Fallacy of Empathy: the work of Edwin Friedman
21-Mar-2012 Alison Vaspé About Suffering' - a Psychodynamic View of Bullying
9-May-2012 Val Potter Let Me Tell you a Story: an Exploration of Narrative Themes in Therapy
20-Jun-2012 Monica Roman Black and Ethnic Minority Authority in Supervision
19-Sep-2012 Janine Sternberg "Humankind cannot bear too much reality": exploring the limits of the thinkable for both therapist and patient
17-Oct-2012 Nicola Barden Gender, Sexuality and Psychoanalysis - can Oedipus still be the King?
14-Nov-2012 Christopher Clulow Attachment Informed Psychotherapy with Couples
19-Jan-2011 AGM Social evening
16-Feb-2011 Carlos  Hoyos What  happened to good old hysteria?
19-Mar-2011 Nick Barwick The Psychodynaics of Writing
24-Mar-2011 Helen  Jury The  Brush with Freedom: the Role of Aesthetically Pleasing Artwork in  Analytical Art Psychotherapy
21-May-2011 Jackie  Gerrard Seduction  and Betrayal in Psychoanalytic Work
15-Jun 2011 Susan  Rodgers Relating  to an Eating Disorder
21-Sep-2011 David  Baldwin On  Becoming a Clinical Researcher into Mood and Anxiety Disorders
15-Nov-2011 Maggie  Turp Depression:  the Bodily Impact on Self and Others
20-Jan-2010 Allan Pimentel AGM
24-Feb-2010 Chris Vincent "Avoiders and Clingers" - Dominant themes in contemporary psychoanalytic theory and their relevance to couple work
17-Mar-2010 Meg Harris Williams Life Drawing - Listening and Observing
19-May-2010 Ellie Roberts “Shame Baby”
16-Jun-2010 Darian Leader Depression, Grief and Mourning
15-Sep-2010 Shirley Ogilvie Fairy Godmother or Wicked Witch? Idealisation and Denigration in theTransference
20-Oct-2010 Sarah Nettleton The Psychodynamics of Musical Giftedness
17-Nov-2010 Louise Lyon A Family Reunion? The relationship between the psychological therapies
21-Jan-2009   AGM
18-Feb-2009 Kate Dunn Can a Therapeutic Relationship Exist in Cyberspace?
18-Mar-2009 Barry Richards The Psychology of Terrorism
20-May-2009 Grazyna Czubinska Culture and Identity - Teaching Psychoanalysis in Poland
17-Jun-2009 Daphne Briggs Growing Pains - How Early Experience Lingers into Adult Life
16-Sep-2009 Prophecy Coles The Impact of Sibling Relationships across the Generations>
19-Oct-2009 Morris Nitsun The Narrative of Desire
18-Nov-2009 Kirsty Hall How do Those offering the Talking Cure Talk to Each Other?
18-Jan-2008 Lesley Herbert A Consumer Perspective on Therapy
20-Feb-2008 Chris MacKenna Childe Roland and the Mystics' Quest: Analytic Faith in a World of Lost Meanings
12-Mar-2008 Margaret Thompson The Vital First Five Years
16-April-2008 Chris Mace Mindfulness, Healing and Suffering: What can Mindfulness Teach us?
18-Jun-2008 Kevin Healy Personality Disorder: Services Under Threat
17-Sep-2008 Joan Foster Safe Practice: Legal Issues for Psychological TherapistsNOWRAP>
15-Oct-2008 Stanley Ruszczynski Working with Severe Psychopathology
19-Nov-2008 Pamela Ashurst Experience in Brief Dynamic Psychotherapy
17-Jan-2007 Carry Selley 2007 Onwards
21-Feb-2007 Adrienne Baker 'Even as I bought it, I knew the magic wouldn't work'. Some reflections on addictive shopping
21-Mar-2007 Jan Wiener Transference and Countertransference in the Supervisory Relationship
16-May-2007 Phil Mollon From Psychoanalysis to the Energy Therapies (via EMDR)
20-Jun-2007 Judith Lask Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends: Using Narrative ideas with Couples and Families.
17-Sep-2007 Mark Brayne Hacks and Shrinks: Myth-making Ancient and Modern
17-Oct-2007 Margaret Wilkinson Coming into Mind. Contemporary Neuroscience and the Psychological Therapies
21-Nov-2007 Siôn Roberts Hot Cognitions and Felt Sense
18-Jan-2006 Don Taylor Tango: The Psychodynamic Dance
15-Feb-2006 Stephen Briggs Researching the Inner Worlds of Suicidal Adolescents
15-Mar-2006 Nick Carroll What can Psychotherapy Learn from Buddhism?
29-Apr-2006 Andrew Samuels Vulnerability and Power, Spirituality and Politics
17-May-2006 Martin Weegmann Humanising the Addict: the Psychodynamics of Substance Use/Misuse
21-Jun-2006 Laura Hope Steckler Adieu Descartes: The Body in Psychotherapy
20-Sep-2006 Janine Sternberg Infant Observation at the Heart of Training
18-Oct-2006 Glenys Parry First Do No Harm
15-Nov-2006 Maggie Turp The Many Faces of Self Harm
19-Jan-2005 Pamela Ashurst Frieda and the Rose Garden: The Life and Work of Frieda Fromm-Reichmann
16-Feb-2005 Hazel Nicholls Anorexia: the Internal and External Dialogue
16-Mar-2005 Brett Kahr Rajah on the Couch: Winnicott's Perilous Analysis of Masud Khan
18-May-2005 June Boyce-Tillman The Wounds that Sing: Music as Transformation
15-Jun-2005 Jane Knowles The Superegos of Women
21-Sep-2005 Rex Haigh Whose Personality, Whose Disorder?
19-Oct-2005 David Taylor The Role of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Chronic and Refractory Depression
16-Nov-2005 Vivia Cowdrill Race and Cultural Issues in Psychotherapy Practice
21-Jan-2004 Dr Zaida Hall, Dr Tony Harbott A Celebration of the Society's 30th Anniversary
18-Feb-2004 Suzanne Sambrook Emotional Coping Skills Groups and DBT in Southampton
17-Mar-2004 Dr Ronnie Sandison Psychotherapy and LSD
19-May-2004 Dr Paul Sepping Story Telling 'Marries' Therapy
16-Jun-2004 Mary Raphaely Limitations of Language: Working with torture victims
15-Sep-2004 Robert Young Thoughts on Professional Identity
20-Oct-2004 Pip Garvey Confidentiality and the Law
17-Nov-2004 Mary Dunn Landscape and the Internal World
15-Jan-2003 Dr Ronnie Sandison The Changing face of Psychotherapy
19-Feb-2003 Fiona Gardner Self-Harm:The underlying conflict
19-Mar-2003 Dr Eia Asen Systemic Couple Therapy for Depression
21-May-2003 Dr Tom Harrison Northfield: Social Fields and Complexity
18-Jun-2003 Isabel Clarke Coping with Threat and the Growth of Self
17-Sep-2003 Stella Ridley Clinical Lacan
15-Oct-2003 Dr Derek Summerfield Who says refugees have mental health problems?
19-Nov-2003 Peter Goold Ethics: Whose?
16-Jan-2002 Dr Denis O'Leary Trends in Adolescence Services
20-Feb-2002 Farhad Dalal Taking the Group Seriously
20-Mar-2002 Dr Eia Asen Systemic Couple Therapy for Depression
15-May-2002 Dr Jenny Stein That's Not the Shape of my Heart: The Role of Chance in Relationships
19-Jun-2002 Miranda Passey Psychotherapy with Children: Exploring the Difference
18-Sep-2002 Anne Baring Re-balancing the Psyche: Integrating the Feminine in Relation to Body, Soul and Spirit
16-Oct-2002 Prof Phil Richardson Evidence-based Practice and the Psychodynamic Psychotherapies
20-Nov-2002 Keith Hyde and Sheila Ernst Why Teach Group Analysis?
17-Jan-2001 John Sharpe No untimely kindness - and other unconnected jottings
21-Feb-2001 Christopher Rance Organisational Stress at Work
21-Mar-2001 Dr Zaida Hall Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming
16-May-2001 Dr Joy Shaverian Desire and the Female Therapist
20-Jun-2001 Andrea Clifford Poston The Guard Knight, Cinderella and a Butt Face:A Narrative Account of Therapy in Schools
19-Sep-2001 Dr David Malan Psychotherapy as Science
17-Oct-2001 Dr Cleo van Velsen Understanding Violence Through Fil
21-Nov-2001 Isabel Clarke Mysticism and Madness: Exploring the New Frontier
19-Jan-2000 Dr Pamela Ashurst AGM: About Time
16-Feb-2000 Sarah Hoskins Music Therapy
15-Mar-2000 Glen Waller Schema Focused Cognitive Therapy with Eating Disorder
17-May-2000 Dr Felicity De Zulueta Integrating the Fragmented Self:
21-Jun-2000 Micheal Brearley Cocoons and Traps: Intimate and Pseudo-Intimate Relationships in Psychotherapy
20-Sep-2000 Dr Jon Sklar Thinking About Dreams
18-Oct-2000 Dr Earl Hopper Anxiety in Traumatised Organisations in the Field of Mental Health
15-Nov-2000 Dr Gwen Adshead Ethical Dilemmas in Counselling and Psychotherapy
20-Jan-99 Sandy Burnfield, Tony Harbott, Ben Steinberg AGM
17-Feb-99 Peter Wadsworth Exodus: Ancient Epic as Metaphor for the psychotherapy Journey
17-Mar-99 Lennox Thomas Issues of Race, Culture and Difference in psychotherapy
19-May-99 lan Ainsworth-Smith and Janet Boakes Keeping the Partnership in Focus: Eight Years Conjoint Work in a Couples Group
16-Jun-99 Sally Gray CAT on the map
15-Sep-99 Jennifer Johns How Winnicott differs..
20-Oct-99 Mark Solms Neurology and Psychotherapy
17-Nov-99 John Birtchnell The Emergence of Relating Therapy
14-Jan-98 John Killick AGM. Clinging On and Making Do: Writing and Dementia
18-Feb-98 Harold Behr Secrecy, Privacy and Loyalty in Families: Implications for Therapy
18-Mar-98 Judith Usiskin Young Abusers: Beyond the Pail?
20-May-98 Martin Stone Splits Within Organisations: A Jungian Perspective
17-Jun-98 Margaret Heathfield The Application of Developmental Theory in Counselling Provision
16-Sep-98 Dr Richard Tillett Horses for Courses: Assessing Psychotherapy for Patients
14-Oct-98 Prof. Glenn Waller Cognitive Therapy for Eating Disorders:
18-Nov-98 Aidan Lunt Myth and Story in Psychotherapy
15-Jan-97   AGM
19-Feb-97 Sally Saunders A Load of Bosch: Hieronymus Bosch and the Unconscious World of the Infant
19-Mar-97 Dr Jane Knowles The Nuclear Family: a Healthy Arena for Child Development?
21-May-97 Dr Andrew Clark Psychotherapy: a Sacred Journey
18-Jun-97 Bernard Westcott The Spiritual Journey in Psychotherapy for Patients and Therapists.
17-Sep-97 Dr Gillian McGauley The New Discipline of Forensic Psychotherapy
15-Oct-97 Margaret Cohen Working on a Neonatal Unit
19-Nov-97 Barbara Plant Post-Trauma Care in the Hampshire Constabulary.
17-Jan-96   AGM
21-Feb-96 Dr Anne Zachary A Plea for a Measure of Perversion
20-Mar-96 Dr Anthony Thorley Psychotherapy and Addiction
15-May-96 Andrea Watson The Baby in the Adult: Infant Observation Its Practice and Application in Clinical Work.
19-Jun-96 Paul Sepping Family Analysis and its Manic Variants
18-Sep-96 Paul Chadwick Cognitive Therapy for Delusions
16-Oct-96 Dr Colin James Psychotherapy Outside the Consulting Room
20-Nov-96 Laura Sutton The Sociodynamics of Dementia: What it is to lose one's mind
18-Jan-95 Dr Ben Steinberg AGM
15-Feb-95 Dr Pamela Ashurst The Median Group: A Responsive Resource
15-Mar-95 Edward Martin Abuse in Supervision
17-May-95 Dr Deborah Hutchinson Ouch! Contacting the Sensitive Narcissistic Personality
21-Jun-95 lain Ainsworth-Smith Psychotherapy and Spirituality: Dialogue or Tension?
20-Sep-95 Valerie Rezin Psychological Management of Psychotic Symptoms
18-Oct-95 Dr Nina Coltart Blood, Shit, and Tears
15-Nov-95 Dr Glenn Roberts Meaning and Madness: a Narrative Approach to Psychopathology and Treatment
19-Jan-94 John Sharpe AGM. Psychotherapy: a View from the Pulpit
16-Feb-94 Terry Pinner Of the Need to Care for Ourselves as Carers
16-Mar-94 Dr Pamela Ashurst Memories, Dreams and Reflections
18-May-94 Dr Peter Amies Gone Cogo: A Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist Reflects on Cognitive Techniques in Brief Psychotherapy
15-Jun-94 Dr John Hook A Group-Analytic Model of the Mind
21-Sep-94 Ineka Powell Health And Creativity. The Psychodramatic Approach: an Experiential Introduction
19-Oct-94 Dr Jonathan Pedder Psychotherapy: Forever an Under-Culture?
16-Nov-94 Dr Petruska Clarkson Contemporary Existential Theories in Psychotherapy
20-Jan-93   AGM
17-Feb-93 Margaret Robinson The Process of Divorce
17-Mar-93 Dr Tony Lake Befriending, Counselling, and Psychotherapy in Organisations: an Institutionalised Defence Against Anxiety?:
19-May-93 Squadron Leader David Stevens Hostage Debriefing
16-Jun-93 Dr Zaida Hall Group Therapy for Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
15-Sep-93 Dr Brendan MacCarthy: Child Abuse: an Individual, Family and Social Trauma.
20-Oct-93 Lorraine Bell Buddhist Practice and Philosophy, its Value in Counselling and Psychotherapy
17-Nov-93 Dr Jill Welbourne Eating Disorders: Bristol Fashion
15-Jan-92   AGM
19-Feb-92 Sally Saunders Psychodynamic Aspects of Well-Woman Work
18-Mar-92 Jean Dickinson Therapy: Experiential Work With a Story
20-May-92 Dr John Hook Impact of The Father on the Emotions of the Child
17-Jun-92 Dr Caroline Selley Disaster Work - Hidden Victims and Public Survivors
16-Sep-92 Dr Murray Cox Necessarily Something Old: The Place of the Aesthetic Imperative in Psychotherapy
21-Oct-92 Stephen Stephens A Group Psychotherapy Approach to Alcoholism
18-Nov-92 Tim Woolmer Psychotherapy - The Impossible Profession
16-Jan-91   AGM
20-Feb-91 Dr Michael Hobbs Disappointment, Disillusion and Despair: a Psychodynamic Perspective
20-Mar-91 Dr Albert Kushlik Uses of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy
17-Apr-91 Eileen Berry, Joanna Weller Working Together - an Art Therapist and Group Analyst Share Experiences with NHS. Groups
15-May-91 Dr Brian Martindale Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy for the Elderly: Was Freud Wrong?
19-Jun-91 Bernard Burgoyne What is it that Makes Lacan Freudian?
18-Sep-91 Nicholas Temple The Role of The Non-Medical Psychotherapist in the NHS
16-Oct-91 Haya Oakley Transference and Counter Transference Phenomena in the Treatment of Psychosis
20-Nov-91 John Schlapobersky The Psychological Treatment of The Victims of Torture
17-Jan-90   AGM
21-Feb-90 Dr Robert Hinshelwood, Therapy or Coercion
21-Mar-90 Dr Richard Tillett The Use of Gestalt Psychotherapy
18-Apr-90 Dr Sue Llewelyn The Experience of Therapists and Patients in Psychological Therapy
16-May-90 Dr John Alderdice The Psychopathology and Politics of Aids
20-Jun-90 John Sharpe Change and Exchange in the Group Setting
19-Sep-90 Dr Jeremy Holmes Community Psychiatry and Psychotherapy: Conflict or Collaboration?
17-Oct-90 Robert Gottesman Professional Status of Psychotherapy
21-Nov-90 Caroline Garland, External Disaster and The Internal World: Consultation Work with Survivors
18-Jan-89   AGM
15-Feb-89 Dr Don Montgomery Transexualism: Case Studies from the Gender Identity Clinic
15-Mar-89 Dorothy Rowe The Successful Self
16-Apr-89 Mandy Cole Cognitive Therapy for Depression
17-May-89 Dr Estela Welldon The Perversion of Motherhood
21-Jun-89 Jeanne Christie, Dr Margaret Thompson Intergenerational Loss
20-Sep-89 Dr Stanford Bourne Birth, Death and Psychotherapy: Perinatal Studies
18-Oct-89 Barbara Elliott The Group as Womb
15-Nov-89 Dr Tom W Almsley The Beginnings of British Psychotherapy
20-Jan-88   AGM
17-Feb-88 Anthony Ryle Brief Psychotherapy
16-Mar-88 Andrew Powell Words and Music: Therapeutic Encounter
21-Apr-88 Robin Balbernie Failing to Connect - Failing to Contain
18-May-88 Jeremy Holmes Ethical Aspects of Psychotherapy
15-Jun-88 Ellsabeth Samuels Conflicts and Opposites
21-Sep-88 Patrick Casement Hope in the Unconscious
19-Oct-88 John Byng-Hall Tragic Events: Impact on Family Scripts
16-Nov-88 Margaret Heathfield Mending Hurts
21-Jan-87   AGM
18-Feb-87 Sidney Bloch Use and Abuse of Humour in Group Therapy
18-Mar-87 Zaida Hall Soul Murder
15-Apr-87 Susan Vas Dias Internal Silence, External Silence
20-May-87 John Denford Inpatient Psychotherapy at the Cassel Hospital
17-Jun-87 Gordon Harris A Dream Workshop
16-Sep-87 John Byng-Hall Tragic Events: Impact on Family Scripts
21-Oct-87 Sandford Bourne Birth, Death and Psychotherapy: Perinatal Studies
18-Nov-87 Tony Harbott Beauty and the Beast: Problems in Therapy
15-Jan-86   AGM
19-Feb-86 Dr Terry Lear Hubris and Self-care: Encouraging Inner Resources
19-Mar-86 Margaret Robinson Marital Breakdown-Is Family Break-up Inevitable?
16-Apr-86 Dr W. H. Allchin Reflections on Psychotherapy: the Changing Scene
21-May-86 Dr Brendan McCarthy Sex within the Family
18-Jun-86 Vivien Bar Sexual Identity: The Individual. Society and Psychoanalysis
17-Sep-86 Dr Gerald Wooster Twin Dynamics in The Winter's Tale
15-Oct-86 Louis Zinkin One Model is Better than Three
19-Nov-86 Dr Margaret Orr Psychotherapeutic Groups in Closed Conditions
16-Jan-85   AGM
20-Feb-85 Dr David H. Malan New Techniques In Brief Psychotherapy
20-Mar-85 Sheila Miller The Hulk, the Gorilla, and the Baby, - Child Psychotherapy In the N.H.S.
17-Apr-85 Dr George L. Christie Psychological Aspects of InfertiIity
15-May-85 Dr John Birtchnell Dependence and Its Relationship to Depression
19-Jun-85 Ros Draper Watching and Listening, Supervision and Practice in Family Therapy".
18-Sep-85 Dr Jane Price The Changing Face of Female Psychology
16-Oct-85 Dr Joan Raphael-Leff "Mum's the Word!", Psychological adjustment to motherhood.
20-Nov-85 JiII Cassidy Art Psychotherapy
18-Jan-84   AGM
15-Feb-84 Prof Russell Davis Whose Voice? - the phenomenology of madness and psychotherapeutic possibiIities.
21-Mar-84 Glenys Parry The Anxious Executive: Therapy with Managers under Stress
18-Apr-84 David Palmer Using Recall - Groupwork with Psychogeriatric Patients
16-May-84 Earl Hopper Inter-Group Relations and the Social Psychology of Envy
20-Jun-84 Meon House Team Creative Workshop
19-Sep-84 Dr Sheilagh Davis A Psycho-Analyst's View of Eating Disorders
17-Oct-84 B.A. Farrell The Place of Psychodynamics in Psychiatry; some problems
21-Nov-84 Maurice Bridgeland Communications from Adolescents - in words and pictures
19-Jan-83   AGM
16-Feb-83 Rita Lynn  
16-Mar-83 Dr Oscar Hill The mysterious leap from mind to body
20-Apr-83 Dr Robert Scott Crisis Intervention in Schizophrenia
18-May-83 Dr Lionel Kreeger Transference and Countertransference in Psychotherapy
15-Jun-83 Dr Stuart Whitely  
19-Oct-83 Dr Dennis Brown. Text, Context and Texture
16-Nov-83 Tom Hamrogue  
20-Jan-82   AGM
17-Feb-82 Dr Jonathan Pedder Failure of Mourning and Melancholia
17-Mar-82 Nick Virgo Behavioural Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction
21-Apr-82 Peter Smith Group Processes and Personal Change
19-May-82 Dr Colin James Some Thoughts on Bion, Winnicott and Group Analysis
16-Jun-82 Dr John Birtchnell Working with Suicidal Patients
15-Sep-82 Dr Louis Zinkin The Psychological Significance of the Mirror
20-Oct-82 Jane Abercrombie Beyond the Unconscious: Group Analysis Applied
17-Nov-82 Dr Pamela Ashurst and Valerie Hatswell Counselling in General Practice
21-Jan-81   AGM
18-Feb-81 Dr John Cobb The Interaction between Neurotic Problems and Marital Problems
18-Mar-81 Eric Button Change and the Personal Scientist
15-Apr-81 Unknown Caring For and About the Unemployed
20-May-81 Dr Anthony Storr Isaac Newton - His Psychotic Breakdown
17-Jun-81 Dr Zaida M. Hall Psychotherapy: Learning the Language
16-Sep-81 Dr Stuart Lieberman A Training Analysis for Family Therapists
21-Oct-81 Estela Welldon Group Psychotherapy with Social and Sexual Deviants
18-Nov-81 Prof. Colin Pritchard Recent Research as to the Effectiveness of Social Work-Type Intervention
20-Feb-80 Dr Robert Wrenn The Care and Nurturing of the Mental Health Professional
19-Mar-80 Dr John Brunning Psychotherapy with Murderers
16-Apr-80 Dr A.J. Harbott Saying Goodbye to Yesterday
21-May-80 Dr Anthony Storr Psychotherapy - Art or Science?
18-Jun-80 Dr J. Lomax-Simpson Group Work with Members of the Messenger House Community.
16-Jul-80 Rev. Paul Bates Can the Church be a Healing Community?
17-Sep-80 Dr Mark Aveline Action Techniques in Psychotherapy: a Talk with some Action
27-Sep-80 Prof N Sutherland and Mary Barnes The Experience of Therapy
15-Oct-80 Dr Anthony Clare Let's Talk About Me
17-Jan-79   AGM
21-Feb-79 B.M. Dick  
21-Mar-79 Donald Curry The Psychology of Industrial Disputes
18-Apr-79 Sheila Blatch, Val Clow, Dr David McDonald Human Social Function. The use of the Heimler Scale
16-May-79 Dr Anthony Storr  
20-Jun-79 Dr Sidney Block Therapeutic Factors in Group Therapy
19-Sep-79 John Bird  
17-Oct-79 Dr Heinz Wolff  
21-Nov-79 Bani Shorter Dreams
20-Sep-78 Sidney Crown Dangers and Constraints with Psychotherapies
18-Oct-78 John Bowlby Attachment Theory
15-Nov-78   Psychodrama
19-Jan-77   AGM
16-Feb-77 Dr Colin James Experiences with Groups in the East End of London
16-Mar-77   Experiential Meeting
18-May-77 Dr Anthony Storr Psychotherapy: Art or Science?
21-Jan-76 Michael Perring The psychotherapy of Sexual Dysfunction
18-Feb-76 Rodney Adams Observations on Staff Sensitivity - Groups
17-Mar-76 Margo Laxton Problems encountered by Family Planning Advisors
16-Jun-76 Pamela Ashurst The Dilemma of Pain
15-Sep-76 Phyllis Shaw Psychotherapy and Social Skills Training
20-Oct-76 F.E.S. Hatfield Family Psychiatry
17-Nov-76 Dr Anthony Storr  
15-Dec-76 Film by Leboyer A Child is Born
17-Sep-75 Ronald Sandison and Maria Hughes An evening with Jung
21-Oct-75 Malcolm Pines Training in Psychotherapy
19-Nov-75 Sheila Plowman and Tony Banks Working Together
10-Dec-75 John Payne