The Logo


We are very proud of our logo, as it was originally designed by a psychotherapist: Jill Cassidy. Jill was also a professional artist (as Jill Siems), and this design recalls some of her earlier work which was inspired by the indigenous peoples of North America. A fine example of this work resides in the Postgraduate Centre at Southampton General Hospital, as a large tapestry forming the backdrop to the main assembly room. Those who remember gazing at it through many hours of lectures will see in our logo a clear reference to it.

Jill created the logo as a black-and-white drawing, we think in 1978. The original has been lost. For many years it was re-copied annually by the printers who produced our programmes, and was slowly declining in quality. We decided in the mid 1990s to "remaster" it, so that it could be used on computers and would no longer degrade. Jill replied to our letter requesting permission to do this with the charming thought that she felt as if an earlier child of hers had grown up and returned to her for a visit.