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Conditions for Membership (from the Society's Constitution, 1997)

  1. Membership of the Society is open to anyone with a professional interest in the aims of the Society.  
  2. Members shall conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules of Conduct or Ethical Codes appropriate to their professions and training organisations.

Membership is renewable annually by the calendar year. The annual subscription is £50. You may join the Society at any evening meeting, or you may fill in the form below, details from which will be forwarded to the Membership Secretary, who will then contact you with details of how to pay your subscription.

Information you supply here will be kept on secure servers, and not passed on to anyone - not even to other members (except the Committee, for administrative purposes).

You will not be eligible for member benefits until your subscription has been cleared. However, we will add you immediately to our email list, and keep you informed of Society events, unless we hear from you otherwise.

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