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Welcome to The Wessex
Psychotherapy Society

The Wessex Psychotherapy Society provides a forum for the discussion of topics of contemporary interest in the field of psychotherapy and counselling. Established in 1974, it organises regular monthly lectures in Southampton, UK, mostly held on Wednesdays in eight months of the year, as well as occasional workshops and seminars.

The Society welcomes the participation of members and visitors and encourages feedback. We seek to create a lively and interactive forum that is of interest to a wide range of people working or training in talking therapies of all kinds, including child and youth workers, creative arts therapists, play therapists , drama therapists, music and family therapists, social workers, counsellors and psychotherapist working within both private, charitable and statutory services. We welcome students and offer both half price membership and visitor reductions.

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A Meeting Point for Those Interested in Psychotherapy and Counselling