The Constitution

as ratified by the Annual General Meeting on 15 January 1997

1. Aims

The aims of the Society are:

a) To promote knowledge and experience in the broad field of psychotherapy, whether it be concerned with human relations, therapy, or training and covering both group and individual interactions.

b) To provide opportunities for members to learn through experiential work.

c) To encourage members to communicate their own experiences and ways of working with people to other members.

d) To provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas and feelings between members in the general field of interest of the Society.


2. Conditions for membership

a) Membership of the Society is open to anyone with a professional interest in the aims of the Society.

b) Members shall conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules of Conduct or Ethical Codes appropriate to their professions and training organisations.

3. Membership fees

Members shall pay annual fees determined by the Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

4. Meetings

a) The Society may hold Ordinary Meetings, to which non-members may be admitted on payment of a fee determined by the Committee.

b) The Society may hold Workshops, and charge fees from Members and non-members as determined by the Committee.

c) An Annual General Meeting of the Society shall be held each year. In addition to any business that the Committee may decide to put before the meeting, the following business shall be transacted:
i) Consideration of the Report from the Chair of the Society.
ii) Consideration of the Financial Report for the previous year.
iii) The election to all the offices and vacancies on the Committee.

d) All members of the Society shall be entitled to receive notice of meetings.

5. The Committee of the Society

a) The business of the Society shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of its Officers and up to six Ordinary Members, all of whom shall be members of the Society. Two additional members, also members of the Society, may be co-opted by the Committee.

b) The Officers of the Society shall be the Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, and the Membership Secretary.

c) The Officers of the Society shall be elected annually, and not hold office for more than five consecutive years. After retiring or becoming ineligible, there shall be a lapse of two years before they become eligible for re-election.

d) On retirement, former Officers of the Society shall be eligible for reelection to the Committee as Ordinary Members.

e) Ordinary Members of the Committee shall be elected annually.

f) The Committee may elect from its members a Deputy Chair to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

6. Election of Officers and Ordinary Members

a) Not less than eight weeks before the Annual General Meeting, the Committee shall nominate one candidate for each office from amongst those eligible who agree to stand for election or re-election, and up to six candidates for election or re-election as Ordinary Members.

b) Not less than six weeks before the Annual General Meeting, the Secretary shall notify the membership of the Committee's nominations, and of the last date on which further valid nominations will be received, which shall be four weeks before the date of Annual General Meeting. Nominations from the membership must be proposed and seconded, and must bear the written consent of the nominee.

c) Voting in the election of Officers and Ordinary Members will take place amongst those present at the Annual General Meeting. All members present may vote. In the event of a tie, the Chair shall have a casting vote.

d) The quorum for elections at the Annual General Meeting shall be fifteen members. If no election is held at the meeting, the Committee's nominees shall be deemed elected.

7. Alterations to the Constitution

This Constitution may only be altered or amended by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting, subsequently ratified by a majority of the members in a postal ballot.