About Us


The Society

The Society began in 1974, as an informal meeting of a small number of psychiatrists in the Southampton area, who were interested in psychodynamic psychotherapy. Led by Dr Ronnie Sandison, whom we regard as our Founder, regular monthly meetings started in 1975, and have continued to this day. The names of the speakers, and their titles, are recorded in our Programme Archive here »

The logo

Our logo (which heads our front page), was designed in c1978 by one of our founder members who was also an artist. You may read the history of the design by clicking here »


The ethos

The ethos of the Society has always been to make the theories and techniques of dynamic psychotherapy available to all who may wish to study and eventually to practise them. In the last 10-15 years our membership has expanded to include many counsellors, trainees, and practitioners in other disciplines. Although the main focus of the Society is still psychodynamic, our lectures now encompass a wider field, including behavioural, humanistic, and other orientations.

The Society's Committee

  • Chair: Sally Saunders
  • Hon Secretary: Cindy Williams
  • Hon. Treasurer: Elaine Wake
  • Membership Secretary: Ana Lopez
  • Members: David Chidgey, Monica Roman

The Society's Constitution

To read the Society's Constitution please click here »